Spend Smarter

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How You Can Do Better Than 0%

When it comes to auto loans, a 0% interest rate is a head turner. But it's not always the best deal.
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Relying on Credit for Necessities

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Online Bill Payment Helps You Control Your Bills

Have you tried online bill payment service yet? Online bill payment makes paying bills less painful, reduces the risk of identity theft,  and makes it easier to pay off credit cards and other debts. This...
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Personal Finance Hacks for Students

Collegeyears are the time when many people establish financial habits that will carrythem for the rest of their lives.Payattention to these items to get off on the right financial foot.
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Try On Your Car Payment

Here’s a tactic that gets youcloser to the down payment you wish you had and can also let you “try on” yourcar loan payment on a trial basis, no strings attached.
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Put Your House to Work

Sometimeswe see a beautiful house and think, “I should sell my home and get a house likethat one!” But your current home has something a new home doesn’t have—equity. Homeequity provides homeowners a ready...