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Understanding Credit Scores: Tips for Improving and Maintaining a Healthy Credit Score

Your credit score is a three digit number that can impact your financial life in significant ways. There are steps you can take to improve and maintain a healthy credit score.
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Improve Financial and Physical Fitness in 2024

At Coosa Valley Credit Union, we understand that true prosperity extends beyond financial stability; it encompasses physical well-being as well. As your trusted financial partner, we are dedicated to not only...
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Relying on Credit for Necessities

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Watch Out for Phon(e)y Messages

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Online Bill Payment Helps You Control Your Bills

Have you tried online bill payment service yet? Online bill payment makes paying bills less painful, reduces the risk of identity theft,  and makes it easier to pay off credit cards and other debts. This...
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Common Scams to Watch out For

Scammers seem to ramp up their efforts around the busy holiday season. Please be on the lookout for these common scams.