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Show Your Teens Smart Financial Behavior

Do money talks with your teenagers begin and end with "How much do you need..."? Our advice is don't tell teens what they  need to know - show them.
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Couples, Sync Your Retirement Plans

Oneway to ensure a happy marriage well into your retirement years is to create aretirement plan with your partner that will satisfy both of you. Here are questions to ask:
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Free Place to Check on Your Credit

There are several websites that can provide you with your credit score absolutely FREE! So don’t get scammed into paying for a credit score check when you can use all of these sites to do it for absolutely no charge at all.
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What is DTI and Why Does it Matter?

Everyone knows credit score is important when applying for aloan, but lenders also consider your debt to income ratio to determine how muchyou can borrow and at what interest rate. 
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Credit, Explained

Theterm “credit” leaves a lot of us scratching our heads. Let’s clear that up with simple layman’s terms.
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Harmful Money Attitudes

Experts say there are 7 money personality types, and knowing yours can help you set yourself up for success.