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General Information

General: Are you open on Saturdays?

No, but our branches are open until 6pm on Friday. For a list of all locations and hours of operations, click here.



Loan Extensions are used only when a member is in need to extend the full amount due, and pay a portion. This can be arranged with any loan officer. Keep in mind that you are limited in the amount of loan extensions you are given for the life of the loan. No more than 2 per year, and no more than 4 for the life of the loan. The fee is 15% of the monthly payment. And you must come in to complete the subsequent action form.

How do I change the due date for a loan?

If you want to change the due date of your loan, you must come in and complete a subsequent action form—there is no fee associated with this transaction.

How do I order more coupons?

You can either call any of our locations or email us to have these reordered for you.

What do I need to do to get the payments setup on auto draft?

Please login to online banking to set up an automatic transfer from your CVCU checking or savings account to your CVCU loan.

If you would like to set up a recurring loan payment from your checking or savings account at another financial institution (ACH), please click here to complete the request form.

Where do I send my loan pay-off?

Please direct loan pay-offs to: 1307 Redmond Road, Rome GA 30165.

What do I need to have before starting the loan process?

  • New Auto----buyers order/bill of sale, proof of income
  • Used Auto---buyers order/bill of sale/copy of title if applicable, proof of income
  • Recreational Vehicle/Boat---bill of sale, serial numbers on boat, motor and trailer  4 wheelers---bill of sale, serial numbers on bike
  • Motorcycle---bill of sale/buyers order/title if applicable, proof of income
  • Signature loans---proof of income
  • Secured Loans---if securing the loans with cash ensure you have the deposit on hand

Deposit Accounts

What is my balance?

To find out your current balance, log on to e-banking or call our Audio Response number 706-235-2925.

What is the amount of my payroll deposit?

To find out the amount of your payroll deposit, log on to e-banking.

What has cleared my account?

To find out what has cleared your account, log on to e-banking.

How do I find locations of free ATM machines?

Click here to find surcharge free atms:

Debit Cards

Why is my debit card being declined?

A debit card can be declined for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Insufficient funds available to cover the purchase
  • Spending exceeding the daily limit of $1,500
  • Attempting to withdraw more than $500 at an ATM
  • Transactions outside the norm that could signal fraudulent activity. If this is the case, you should receive a text, email or voicemail about your debit card. It will include a case number, which you will need when returning the call.
  • Account holds. Some types of businesses will place a hold on your account in an amount greater than the original price. Hotels and car rental agencies are known to use this practice.

To read more about this topic, please click here.

Debit card has expired?

No problem! When your debit card has expired it can be used up until the end of that month of expiration- the debit card is automatically reordered, but if you do not receive before the end of the month expired, please contact your local CVCU branch.

I've received my new debit card, what do I do now?

Once you receive your new debit card (this does not apply to the automatic reorder for expired debit cards) you should receive your PIN (Personal Identification Number) within 2-3 days either before or after your debit card. These are not mailed together for security purposes. These come in unmarked envelopes as to not disclose to a thief what it may contain.

How do I unblock a debit card after hours?

To unblock a card after hours, please call: U.S.: 855.961.1602; International: 727.227.2447

How do I report my debit card lost/stolen?

To report a Lost/Stolen Debit Card/MasterCard, please call: 800.500.1044

Direct Deposit

Why should I use Direct Deposit?

Safe - Your paycheck is protected against loss or theft.

Worry-free - Now you can be assured that your check is deposited, even when you're away from home. Saves time - You no longer have to make special trips to the credit union or stand in long lines on payday. Convenient - No more waiting for the mailman. Your deposits will be made for you automatically, allowing you to set your own timetable for getting cash. Routing #261171383

How do I apply?

Our Member Service Representatives have all the necessary forms. If you wish, they will be happy to fill them in for you. All you have to do is tell them how you want your money distributed and sign your name. Then take a simple form to your employer to make the necessary changes for your direct deposit then return that form to CVFCU. We will take care of everything else.

How will I be able to keep track of my money?

Your check stub from your paycheck is your permanent record. Or with Audio Response you can check your balance at any time.

Is there a charge for this service?

This service is free to all participating CVFCU members.

What is the process for a Stop Payment?

For a Stop Payment you can both go to any of our branches and speak with a Member Service Specialist, Log-in to E-Banking, or call Audio Response. The fee associated is $35 at one of the branches or $17.50 if placed through E-Banking or Audio Response. You also may phone it in to start the process, but it still requires you to come to the branch and sign

Debit Cards:
Lost/Stolen: 800.500.1044
VISA® Credit Cards Card Members Services: 800.299.9842
Lost/Stolen: 800.299.9842

RDA/Mobile Deposit

What is Remote Deposit Anywhere (RDA)?

RDA is a deposit service that will allow members who qualify to make deposits to their Coosa Valley Credit Union deposit account by taking a picture of a check using a smartphone or tablet through the Coosa Valley Credit Union app. This can also be referred to as “mobile deposit” or “remote deposit capture”.

What are the benefits of using RDA?

There is no need to visit a branch to deposit a check (within allowed limits). With our new RDA service, members who qualify can securely deposit funds to their CVCU deposit account through our Mobile Banking app.  

Which mobile platforms are supported by RDA?

Apple IOS & Android OS smartphones & Apple iPads. Phones and tablets must be equipped with a camera. Only the most current and one previous software version are supported. RDA may also work on some Windows and Blackberry phones/tablets but are not guaranteed or supported.  

What if my phone will not allow me to take a picture of the check?

Check your device settings to make certain the Coosa Valley Credit Union app is allowed to access your camera.

Who is eligible?

RDA is available to most checking account members in good standing (excluding Next Step) who are at least 18 years old.  

How do Members Enroll in RDA?

Once a member has met the eligibility requirements, the “Deposit” icon will be available in the mobile app.

How does RDA work?

RDA/Mobile Deposit is secure and easy to use.

All checks must be properly endorsed and “RDA ONLY CVCU” should be written below the endorsement to indicate the check has been deposited via RDA/Mobile Deposit and the date deposited.

How should I endorse a check?

Endorse the check as made payable and add the verbiage “ RDA ONLY CVCU”.

What happens if I exceed my limits?

Contact your nearest CVCU branch location and have the following information available:

  • the actual check (Please do not try to redeposit the check.)

  • time, date and dollar amount of the deposit

  • the email received from [email protected] regarding this specific deposit

What if the dollar amount or # of checks is not sufficient for my needs?

CVCU RDA deposit limits are very generous. RDA will not fit every member’s needs for every deposit. Temporary or one-time increases are not possible. Any checks larger than the deposit limit will not be allowed via RDA and must be made at a CVCU branch, night depository or mailed to a CVCU branch.  

What should I do with checks after depositing through RDA?

Securely store the check for 30 days before destroying it.

Are there fees for using RDA/Mobile Deposit?

CVCU does not charge fees for the RDA service at this time.