Online Bill Payment Helps You Control Your Bills

Have you tried online bill payment service yet? Online bill payment makes paying bills less painful, reduces the risk of identity theft, and makes it easier to pay off credit cards and other debts. This versatile tool is available for free to all Coosa Valley Credit Union members.

You can do it—Anyone with internet access easily can learn to use online bill payment to manage money. Online bill payment lets you automate payments to take place on a set date every month, schedule a bill for payment weeks before a specific date, or simply go online to make payments to be delivered in just a few days.

Tie payment to paydays—Since you can schedule payments for a specific date, you can tie payments to paydays. If your ability to pay changes before the payment is sent, just go online to alter the payment date or amount.

Even when you forget about a bill until it's due, online bill payment can help by minimizing the delay between when the payment is sent and when the recipient acknowledges its arrival, reducing late fees and interest charges.

Reduce risk—Mailing a check from your home mailbox makes an ID thief's job so easy. The account information printed on both bills and paper checks offers a wealth of data to thieves who could misuse the information to open accounts in your name. Using an online bill payment service reduces this risk.

Manage your debt—Online bill payment can also be a good strategy for reducing debt. For example, you can make extra online payment on loans at every payday, thereby reducing your balance quicker. The smaller the balance, the smaller your interest payment.

Sign up for Coosa Valley Credit Union's online bill payment service today by visiting You'll find that online bill payment is a convenient way to get control over your bills. Not a member yet? What are you waiting for? Visit your nearest branch location, or give us call to join today!