Coosa Valley Kids

Coosa Valley Credit Union has a soft spot for our local kids. And as the trusted financial establishment in the region, we consider it a privilege (and a ton of fun) to "invest" in the next generation. Whether it's volunteering to read at Youth Week or publishing a roundup of fun, money-oriented mobile app games, we are dedicated to helping you teach your kids financial literacy.

That's why we are proud to offer Coosa Valley Kids, a club that encourages, entertains and teaches kids to be financially savvy. Every Coosa Valley Kids account comes with these great benefits:

  • A Coosa Valley Kids tee
  • A Savings Bank
  • A Savings Tracker - This passbook is a tool you can use to inspire your kids to watch their savings grow. Every time a child deposits $10 or more (in-person), he'll earn both a surprise toy and a sticker to add to the tracker to chart his progress visually.
  • Rewards - Once a child has achieved 10 deposits, he scores a reward of $5 deposited straight into that Coosa Valley Kids account. Plus, we supply a fresh new savings tracker to start all over again.
  • Resources - We don't just set you up with an account, we also point you in the right direction with ideas, tips and educational materials to cultivate lifelong money management habits in your children.

We can help you focus on basic habits like regular saving, delayed gratification, hard work, financial philanthropy and entrepreneurship. Of course, a child's character is the most important investment you make, financial or otherwise. We'd love to help you invest in your family's next generation of savvy savers. To get started, visit one of our many local branches or call us today.