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To Pay Down Debt, First You Have to Save

When you want to pay off debt fast, that impulse oftenmeans depleting your savings. So how do you pay off debt AND save money?
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Family Finances: The Importance of Keeping Everyone Informed

In yourhousehold, does one person handle all the finances? Who pays all the bills,files the joint taxes, deals with insurance matters, and knows where all theimportant papers are saved? Whathappens if that person becomes...
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Don't Be Fooled by a Remote Deposit/Check Scam

Scammers are always looking for ways to prey upon people, especially those consumers needing money quickly. One way is to use Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), a service which allows you to deposit a check remotely into your...
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The RAIN Method for Buying a Car

Theaverage cost of a new vehicle today is around $35,000. Whether you're lookingfor a brand-new car or a reliable used ride, you want to get the most for yourmoney. The process can be made easier by following the...
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Three Programs That Protect Your Passwords

Password managers are programs that store and encrypt your passwords. With a password manager, you have to remember only one password to log in to all of the websites you use.
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Show Your Teens Smart Financial Behavior

Do money talks with your teenagers begin and end with "How much do you need..."? Our advice is don't tell teens what they  need to know - show them.