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Basic Steps to Financial Fitness

The way you handle your finances is a personal choice. The decisionsyou make about them change over time and may differ from your friends' or yourparents'. Still, there are some broad guidelines that may help...

How to: Replace Important Documents

The thought of losing vital records like your passport, or child's birth certificate, can induce a cold sweat on even the calmest folks. Don't worry. If you lose an important document,...
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Don't Fall for Gift Card Scams

Unfortunately, scammers love gift cards and have come up with creative ways to convince you to purchase cards for them. Don't fall for these common gift card scams.
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Six Rules for Managing Credit Card Debt

Did you rack up some credit card debt over the holidays? If youwant to be the master of your credit card debt load, follow six important rules.
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Will You Outlive Your Savings?

More than half of Americans are worried they will outlive their retirement savings, and research shows that women are more at risk of outliving their savings than men.
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To Pay Down Debt, First You Have to Save

When you want to pay off debt fast, that impulse oftenmeans depleting your savings. So how do you pay off debt AND save money?