Debit Card/MasterCard

MasterMoney Debit Card

The MasterMoney Debit Card is the most convenient "checkbook." It looks like a credit card, but works like a check. Whenever you make a purchase with your MasterMoney Debit Card, it is withdrawn from your checking account just as if you were writing a check but without store check approval. You will have an excellent record of where and when your purchases were made and the amount of each transaction.

There is no interest on purchases paid for with a MasterMoney Debit Card, and you can use it at any ATM to get cash. In fact, you can use it anywhere that accepts MasterCard debit cards.

To apply for a MasterMoney Debit Card, you must first have a checking account with Coosa Valley Credit Union. Click here to find out if you are eligible to become a member.

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Card Services

Report Lost/Stolen Debit Card/MasterCard: 1.888.297.3416

Visit our Learning Center for information about how to avoid debit card fraud.

Click here to dispute debit card transactions. Or call: 1.833.882.0861.

Members enjoy access to thousands of surcharge free ATMs across the country. Click here to locate one now.

You can add your CVCU Debit Card to Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay for even more convenience. Find out how.

Debit Card Frequently Asked Questions

Debit Card or Credit Card, which should I use?