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You've come to the right place if you need to repair, rebuild or re-establish your credit. Whatever caused the damage to your credit rating, Coosa Valley Credit Union can help you start over. Our Next Step Checking account may be an excellent beginning. Consider these important factors.

  • Most people need a checking account. For most Americans, a checking account is a necessity. Your phone service or internet provider, for example, do not expect you to pay in cash any more than you expect your boss to give you bills and coins instead of a paycheck. Most basic societal transactions rely on checking account transactions.
  • On-time payments can, over time, heal your credit. Not only will regular, on-time payments satisfy lenders and service providers, it will also help restore your credit. It may feel like a long journey, but with consistency, your score will begin inching upward.
  • Membership is supportive. When you open a Next Step Checking account, you become a member of a collective group of locals committed to helping one another. Just as Coosa Valley Credit Union began with a handful of friends who pooled their cash to weather life's storms, we value the opportunity to help all of our members achieve their financial goals. The mutual support may inspire you to stay on track with your spending and savings plan.
  • We provide the tools. Helpful features like online banking, a mobile app and Audio Response give you options to help you take control of your financial circumstances.

There is a $10 monthly fee to operate a Next Step Checking account, and other restrictions apply. To ensure you qualify, simply call or visit one of our nearby branches in the 13-county Coosa Valley region to speak with a supportive, knowledgeable team member.