Early Paycheck

It's your money. Get it sooner. All you need is direct deposit with your Coosa Valley Credit Union checking or savings account. Click below to choose the account that's right for you.
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*Requires direct deposit. Whether a direct deposit is eligible for Early Paycheck is at our discretion and we cannot guarantee that you will always receive the Early Paycheck service.

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Early Paycheck Frequently Asked Questions

What is Early Paycheck?

We often receive a message up to a few days prior to your direct deposit to let us know that the money is on the way. When this happens, we can reduce the extra processing time, getting your money in your account sooner, usually one or two days before the scheduled pay date.

How do I receive my paycheck early? Do I need to enroll?

There is no need to enroll! Early Paycheck is automatic on all eligible direct deposits. Simply provide your routing and account number to your employer's payroll department. Coosa Valley's routing number is: 261171383.

Will My Direct Deposits Always Arrive Early?

There's no guarantee that you will always receive your paycheck early, since it depends on when each payroll item is received by us for posting. Whether we are able to provide early availability depends on when we receive information from your payor that the funds are on the way. If your deposit doesn't arrive early, expect it to arrive on your scheduled payday.