Top Car Apps for Your Vehicle Search

Top Car Apps for Your Vehicle Search

During the process of looking for a car to buy, you've probably wished at least once that someone would eliminate the guesswork for you. With a multitude of excellent vehicles on the market, it's often challenging to decide which car best suits your needs. Chances are, you'll find yourself asking the same questions over and over: "Should I buy new or used? Is this price reasonable or am I being overcharged? Will I still be happy driving this car in five years?" It's enough to make you want to keep your old car, just to save yourself the hassle of finding a new vehicle!

There is still hope. Your car buying journey is about to get much, much smoother thanks to car apps. Available for both Androids and iPhones, these nifty applications narrow in on your dream car, while also helping you land the best deals in town. Here are three great free car apps.

For New Cars: TrueCar

When it comes to car apps for new vehicles, New York Daily News recommends TrueCar and its slick mobile app. TrueCar is popular for its easy, step-by-step interface, which allows users to find their dream vehicle by first choosing the brand and then browsing through the models. Its best feature shows you what others paid for the same or similar vehicle, so that car dealerships won't be able to pull a fast one on you when it comes to pricing.

For Pre-Owned Vehicles: Used Car Search Pro

Called the dark horse of car apps by NerdWallet, Used Car Search Pro is a front-runner in the arena of used car apps. Able to whizz through 40,000 dealerships and private vendors, this mighty app allows users to create highly customized search requests. Used Car Search Pro sports an impressive 59 filter options, making it easy to quickly find the ideal vehicle for your budget, your lifestyle and even your height.

For a Mix of Both: Kelley Blue Book

Unsure if you want a brand new or pre-owned car? You don't have to choose right now. Recommended by the Huffington Post, Kelley Blue Book (KBB) gives users the best of both worlds. Not a new app, KBB has been around for several years, allowing this car app's designers to streamline its interface and usability. The app's premise revolves around allowing users to receive estimates for new and used cars, whether they're the seller or the buyer, plus provides reviews, comparisons and media content for hundreds of vehicle models.

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