How-To: Save Effectively in 2021

How-To: Save Effectively in 2021

It's finally March… How're those New Year's Resolutions coming? If you need a new goal or resolution, how about being smarter about your spending? It can be hard to break certain financial habits, but we're serving up three tips to help kickstart your new financial attitude!

Ready to spend smarter and have your savings go farther? Here's our three tips for effective savings in 2021!

1. Cut Nonessentials
We're looking at you, $7 iced latte. Yes, it's delicious, but is it an essential? We'll argue that it's not. If you just can't give up that iced caramel goodness, what else can you cut?

- Anything you don't need to get by
- Anything you forgot you were paying for
- Anything you're not actively using or consuming

Take some time to evaluate what you're paying for and its pay-off in your household.

2. Make Your Grocery Runs Count
Why do we always end up bringing home more than we went shopping for? Don't be tempted by the chips and cookies conveniently stocked by the register. Instead, tackle your grocery run like a pro:

- Meal Prep for the week to have a more efficient grocery run and condensed grocery list
- Consider long-term and buy items with a longer shelf life
- Plan your grocery run aisle-by-aisle to avoid aimlessly wandering and impulse-buying snacks

When you approach a grocery run with a roadmap, it's harder to spend more on what you don't need.

3. Is At-Home Entertainment All That Entertaining?
Be honest: how many times have you binge-watched the same shows? Is the price tag to stream and restream really worth it? Instead, try:

- Unsubscribing from services you don't regularly use
- Sign up for free trials for new streaming services before committing
- Try free, at-home workouts or free educational apps to get your mind and body in shape

Spending smarter is one of the key steps to improving your financial wellness, and these are just three ways to get you started! Reach out to us on social media and let us know how you're saving and cutting back this year: