Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

At the credit union, we love (love love love) financial literacy! The slower summer months are the perfect time to brush up on financial literacy.

Side note: We teach financial literacy to students in schools around our community. We'll save that for another post, but if you've never seen our financial literacy curriculum, you can check it out here. You could even take on some of these lessons with your little ones this summer.

Now back to our regularly scheduled article: This is a great website for financial wellness and I'd like to challenge you to check it out. Here's why:

This website is great! The first page gives 30 awesome steps toward financial wellness. Give each step a look-see and start making some of those great tips come to life in your personal finances.

Here are some highlights of my favorite steps:

Step 2: Assess your financial situation - This is a quick little quiz and it is probably the most important step, how can you move forward if you don't know where you are?

Step 9: Is your debt too much debt? - This is a great quiz that will help you figure out if you are living outside of your means.

Step 14: Expect the unexpected - I could never say enough about saving, especially in this economy. Save, save, save! There is a great calculator in this step to show you how much is enough for you.

Step 17: Save for you goals - Okay, clearly it's true, I can't say enough about saving. This is my favorite step because there are lots of awesome tips to help you save smarter.

I have plenty more 'favorites' from this list of 30 financial steps, but I'll stop so that you can check out the website for yourself. Use this great resource to reduce debt, save more, and learn how to reduce your spending.

Get started now!