Your Credit Union Offers These Services - And You May Be Surprised

Your Credit Union Offers These Services - And You May Be Surprised

Credit unions have long been known for their friendly service and partnerships with members. They actually offer a full suite of banking services - similar to a traditional bank. The next time you need a loan, thinking of starting a business or want to invest your money all you need to do is look for the closest credit union.

If you want to start banking or need new products to fit your changing needs - here's what you need to know about credit union services:

E-Services for your everyday banking
Banking at a credit union is very easy. If you think credit unions are just for neighborhood people, you would be wrong. Our staff is always happy to greet members in person and credit unions can also offer a variety of E-Services for banking on the go.

You can set up bill payments online, check your E-Statements, view images of checks and even use the mobile check deposit. Our mobile banking app is available via Google Play and iTunes.

Set up small business banking
If you're a small business owner a credit union can help walk through the steps you need to set up a financial relationship for your new venture. Whether you need a line of credit to assist with day to day cash flow, a business Visa card for convenient payments or a loan for supplies and equipment your credit union can help out.

The guidance and advice of a business banking professional can help make an overwhelming situation much easier with the right small business banking products for your needs. It's also a good idea to find your local U.S. Small Business Administration office for additional information and resources.

Finance your next car loans
If you want to buy your first car or need to buy a new car, credit unions can help find the perfect financing option that fits into your budget. Getting your next car can be easy and it doesn't have to cost a fortune. Credit unions usually offer lower rates than traditional financial institutions. That can make your life a lot easier when applying for and paying off a car loan.

Protection for your investments
If you have savings to put aside credit unions can help keep them safe. Deposits into a credit union are protected by the National Credit Union Administration. If for some reason the institution has financial difficulties you can rest assure that your money is safe and protected up to $250,000 by NCUA.

If you want to discuss our services, such as a checking or savings account, interest rates on loans and investment products, just come on in. All you need to do is ask, we're happy to help.

Image Source: Pixabay