Deposit Accounts

Anyone Can Join​

You don't have to be a member of the military, a public educator or a club member to join. Anyone who lives or works in the 13-county Coosa Valley region can become a member of the Coosa Valley Credit Union. You're one of us. Membership is open to everyone, and the quickest way to join is by choosing and setting up the deposit account that best fits your needs.​ Click on one of the options below to see more detail about each deposit account.

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We’re Experienced

Every year a crop of new startup banks emerge. While we recognize the benefits of innovation and applaud new technology, we also stand by the fact that there's no substitute for experience. ​Today, it's rare to find the hard-fought staying power of a financial team that has remained true to its founding values. And when you do find that kind of place, you'll want to stick around.

We’re Always Nearby

When choosing where to bank, access is everything. Our team of financial experts and a wealth of money-managing tools are always on hand to help you. We have an array of full-service branches and ATMs that serve all 13 counties in the region. Plus, when you open a deposit account with us, you'll get access to a nationwide network of thousands of surcharge-free ATM's. That's access.

Bestselling author and popular personal finance advisor J.D. Roth says one of the best financial decisions he ever made was to switch his accounts from an impersonal corporate bank to a local credit union. The reason? Friendly customer service, available around the corner.

Visit a local Coosa Valley Credit Union branch today to learn about the deposit account options that can help you make the most of your hard work and planning. Give us the privilege of earning your confidence. Here's what you will discover at Coosa Valley Credit Union.