Why You Should Be Using Contactless Payment

Why You Should Be Using Contactless Payment

In today's world, our technology has become a regular part of everyday life. From smartwatches to smart phones, it's likely that you have some sort of digital device with you at all times. Why? They allow us to do things easier, faster, and with more convenience. Why should the way you make purchases be any different?

With Contactless Payment, or Digital Wallets, you can now make purchases without needing your physical credit card. Let's explore the what, why, and how of this technology, as well as how Coosa Valley Credit Union members can easily implement it into their shopping habits.

What is a Digital Wallet?
A Digital Wallet is essentially an electronic extension of your physical wallet. Most of your cards, including debit and loyalty cards, can be loaded and stored onto your digital device. Whether this serves as your primary method of payment, or simply a backup method, is entirely up to you. This service is what you make it!

How Secure Are They?
Would you believe us if we told you that Digital Wallets can be more secure than your physical one? It's true! Here's some reasons why:

- Digital Wallets will typically require two-step authentication, such as your Fingerprint or Face ID in order to open or even access the wallet altogether. When you're using a physical wallet, that's definitely not the case.
- When you make a purchase with a Digital Wallet, your card is also assigned a unique number, or token. This token is what is displayed in place of your actual card number, thus better protecting your financial information.

Should you ever lose or simply get rid of your current device, it's possible to backup and delete your personal information, as well as put a hold on your associated cards' accounts. You can have peace of mind knowing your personal and account information will stay safe!

How to Use a Digital Wallet
If you're ready to use Contactless Payment methods as a Coosa Valley Credit Union Member, you can get started today! CVCU offers Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay for all MasterCard Debit Cards. Members with a compatible smartphone can make purchases at thousands of stores and inside participating apps, with just the touch of a finger. You can even send money directly to another person!

Members should navigate to one of the three mentioned Digital Wallets above, depending on their type of device, in order to begin setting up Contactless Payment.

We hope this service will bring a new level of convenience and security to our members. Happy shopping!