Tracking Link? It Might Not Be Your Missing Package

Tracking Link? It Might Not Be Your Missing Package

The 2021 holiday season was definitely not smooth sailing for most online shoppers. From delayed shipments to missing packages, some are still waiting for their holiday purchases to arrive! Unfortunately, scammers are aware of this, too. If you receive a shipping notice via text for something you don't remember ordering, you might be subject to a shopping scam.

What is a Phishing Shipping Email or Text?
This can be an unexpected email or text message containing a shipment/tracking alert or order confirmation for an order you did not place. If this happens, do not click into any links or call any number provided in the message. This could be a scammer's way of making you fall victim to their attempts to steal your information.

How Can You Determine if the Alert is Valid?
If you're having trouble remembering if this is an order you placed, you have two options:

1. Check Your Credit or Debit Card Statement or Transaction History
If you placed an order for an item from a specific retailer like the text or email notification says, then it will be present within your card's account. If your account shows pending transactions, make sure to check those, as well.

2. Visit the Company's Official Retail Website and Check the URL
If you want to check the order number for yourself, visit the retailer's website straight from a reliable search engine, such as Google. Don't click on any links that are listed as an ad and double check the URL of the website you navigate to, just to be extra safe. Additionally, use the contact information provided on that website, and not within the text or email just to ensure you don't contact a fraudulent customer service line.

May your packages be found, your refunds be quick, and your 2022 be free of scammers!