The Best Financial Podcast For You: 6 Shows We Love and Why

The Best Financial Podcast For You: 6 Shows We Love and Why

It's no secret that successful, self-made millionaires and billionaires read books. You may already know that those in the upper ranks tend to invest in their own self-education by consuming smart information regularly.

But who has time to sit down and read each day? Most of us would love to prop up our feet and "invest" in ourselves, but we're busy juggling life's responsibilities.

The answer lies in the podcast. From penny-pinching tips to investing advice and even fiscal relationship counsel, there's a financial podcast on every topic, and you don't need to slow down to consume good information. Listen to experts wax eloquent while you're folding laundry, commuting, preparing dinner, or jogging.

In no particular order, here are 6 podcast shows we enjoy, and what makes them stand out.

Podcast #1 Dough Roller
With over 75,000 monthly downloads, this podcast is a solid audio source of good, old-fashioned financial advice. The show started with blogger Rob Berger, an attorney who wrote online financial advice as he rode the train each day to work. His slow-and-steady-wins-the-race philosophy is born of experience and astute observation, so if you can get past his relaxed (read: slow) delivery style, you'll reap the benefits of what might be the best advice out there.

Podcast #2 Money for the Rest of Us
From David Stein, former Chief Investment Strategist at a $33 billion investment advisory firm, this podcast could alternately be called "Economics for the Rest of Us." Each episode is packed with fundamentals that decode global headlines to explain – in layman's terms – how currency affects you today. After listening to a show or two, you'll never view a single dollar bill quite the same. Using a conversational "take it or leave it" tone, Stein unpacks the way to live without worrying about money.

Podcast #3 So Money
Farnoosh Torabi is no newcomer to the personal finance scene. In fact, she's published multiple books on the topic, including "When She Makes More," You're So Money," and "Psych Yourself Rich." Recently, her strengths have been in hosting the biggest names on her podcast: Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Collins and more. Brands that have changed lives with their inspiring stories and encouraging advice are regularly featured on So Money, which means you don't need to follow them all to find your favorite. Not long ago Torabi hosted Arianna Huffington who taught listeners how more sleep leads to boosted productivity, and eventually, a bigger income. Yes, please!

Podcast #4 Listen Money Matters
Since "unedited" is an understatement, we'll call this podcast uncensored. Hosts Andrew and Thomas have found their niche as the shock jocks of financial podcast shows, and listeners are gobbling it up. The podcast focuses on four pillars of personal finance: Growing your income, destroying your debt, budgeting like a pro, and investing. The conversation meanders though, and in order to follow your hosts to their point, you'll suffer through phrases like, "I don't know, I sorta feel like," and " know what I mean?" – not exactly the authoritative hard-line you're used to hearing from financial experts.

A unique benefit to the LMM brand is their quick, in-depth personal replies to emailed questions. One of our own representatives sent an inquiry to clarify a point made on a recent podcast and had a lengthy, detailed response within hours that thoroughly answered the question. Considering their popularity (and subsequent time restraints), we couldn't be more pleased with this surprising service.

Podcast #5 Stacking Benjamins
Part variety show, part comedy, all finance, this show is an upbeat and refreshing break from the monotone of traditional investment advisers.

Their motto, "Earn, Save, and Spend Money With a Plan," advertises the perfect solution for both millennials who want a better future and older generations who need a reset. The format is "magazine-style," which means they never camp on a single topic more than 10 or 15 minutes. This is a welcome reprieve from the podcasts that seem to forget they're on the air, discussing financial topics long after they've dispensed the advice. Peppered with old-timey radio sound bytes and witty jokes, this financial podcast is not one to miss.

Podcast #6 Bigger Pockets
Whether or not you've noticed, the rental vacancy rate across the U.S. is now the lowest it's been in 30 years, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. There is story after story of risk-loving investors who've recently gotten rich by dipping a toe in the business of landlording. And with that wave, you'll also see more blogs, books, and podcasts on the topic.

For the personal financier who calls debt "leverage" (a term that in other industries means multiplied power, not risk), Bigger Pockets is an exciting listen that forces your mind to imagine the possibilities of a passive income through real estate. With over 15 million downloads, the podcast is actually a small part of what these guys do. The real value is in the Bigger Pockets analysis tools, searchable blog, and a network of investors – all resources that encourage newbs to jump in. While each investor's situation is different, one thing is certain: tuning into the podcast never hurt anyone.

Whichever podcast you choose, listen often and share what you learn with others.

Now that's "sound" advice!

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