Setting Account Alerts

Setting Account Alerts

Alerts are an excellent way to stay aware of activity on your banking accounts. Depending on your financial institution's offerings, you can receive alerts through online banking, email, or even text message. Most of the time, you have the option of choosing when you want the alerts sent, how you’d like them (for example, via email or text message), and what kinds of activity to which you’d like to be alerted.

At Coosa Valley Credit Union, four types of alerts exist: Event, Balance, Item, and Personal.

Event Alerts are watches or trigger alerts. Members can select events alerts for when specific transactions, such as wire transmissions, ACH deposit or withdrawals are initiated through Online Banking.

Balance Alerts allow members to set up an alert to be notified when a balance is above or falls below a set amount.

Item Alerts allow members to be notified when a specific item number clears.

Personal Alerts allow members to setup an alert for a specific date or create a personalized alert message.

Coosa Valley Credit Union members can customize alerts by visiting the “Settings” tab within Online Banking, then choosing “Alerts”.