Never Pay Retail: Ways to Save Money on Almost Everything

Never Pay Retail: Ways to Save Money on Almost Everything

One of the benefits of living in the information age is the ability to score a deal on... well, pretty much anything.

If you know where to look, you can live the frugal life without agonizing over cost-per-unit comparisons or making the trek to multiple stores for a couple pennies' worth of savings.


Streamline your across-the-board savings.

Here's how.

Start with the no-brainers.
Before introducing new and exciting ways to save money, are you taking full advantage of what Grandma inherently knew to do? Clip coupons from the circulars. Know the prices of your most commonly purchased items so you can spot a good deal when you see it – instead of having to wonder, or worse, research. Take your knowledge of good prices beyond groceries to include fuel (if you drive), water and electricity, and clothing.

Knowing average prices is one of the best ways to save money because you'll avoid falling into the trap of high-pressure sales tactics with a simple glance at the bottom line.

Other no-brainer ways to save money include sniffing out free things to do locally, learning how to DIY common projects, and avoiding high-interest loans.

Then get creative.
If you're already living the smart life, get creative to save even more.

  • Score coupons online. There are a number of online coupon sites that offer manufacturer coupons galore.
  • Sign up for newsletters. Exclusive offers are usually reserved for the elite followers – that is, email subscribers – of your favorite brands. When you submit your email address, you're offering a company access to your inbox, and the best businesses are quick to reward you with goodies. Not only does this mean discounts, it also includes breaking news, promotions, events and announcements.
  • Get your code on. Before hitting "submit order" on any online purchase, do a quick search engine query to see whether there's a deal out there. The phrase "promo code" can turn up dozens of discount codes to punch in before hitting that big red button.
  • Find freebies. has an entire page dedicated to freebies, and yes, they're really free! From free office visits for your pet to trial periods for music and movies, you'll find a little bit of everything – all for nothing.
  • Go paperless. Switch to online banking, bill pay, and bookkeeping. Going digital with the administration of your personal finance will save you money on postage, gas money, printer paper, and more.
  • Ditch cable TV. With so many streaming options available, why consume your favorite shows the old way if it costs up to triple what you could be paying?
  • Take advantage of the sharing economy. The new trend of renting out rooms, sharing rides to work, and even splitting the cost of bulk food items can be one of the best ways to save money. These days, people are getting creative with ways to save money, and the internet makes it easy to coordinate with strangers. Just be sure to take a few minutes reading reviews and asking smart questions before jumping in.

When combined with good old smarts, these new ways to save money can make a huge impact on your financial goals. Try a few of these ideas today, and be sure to let us know how much you save!

Image Source: Flickr