Financial Fitness: Surprising Ways Your Wallet Affects Your Waistline

Financial Fitness: Surprising Ways Your Wallet Affects Your Waistline

Does your wallet affect your waistline? That may seem like a strange question, but there are some surprising ways your personal finance habits directly affect your health. Did you know that when a person is in control of one area, he tends to excel in others as well? That's only one of many ways your financial fitness can affect your physical fitness. Being physically unfit may not seem related to your financial health, but it certainly can be. Here are some ways to improve the relationship between your financial and physical health.

One Thing Leads to Another...

Sometimes our daily lives can feel like a game of dominoes. One thing goes wrong and it seems to topple over your carefully designed routine. Well, good news: the reverse can also be true. Making good decisions in one area often leads to success in other areas as well. Success in our finances can energize and encourage us to make better choices – often where food and diet are concerned. Are you confused about what steps to take for better financial fitness? Start by taking small steps in the right direction. Consider joining a finance class or try this simple printable budget worksheet to track where your money is going.

Stress Affects Health

Many people say the thing causing the most stress in their life is money or finances. Less-than-stellar financial choices often result in higher levels of stress – which have been proven to contribute to weight gain. Keeping a good track of your finances can lower stress levels, in turn freeing you up to make better choices.

Do those better food choices seem out of reach for your budget? The USDA offers a great guide for healthy eating on a budget. We also love the Spend smart Eat smart team at Iowa State University, and their great ideas for healthy meals. Check it out!

Health Builds Wealth

Now let's consider how making healthy choices can positively affect your bottom line.

  • Living a healthy lifestyle can lower your health insurance premiums. Plus, statistics show you'll pay less in deductible and out-of-pocket medical expenses, too.
  • You don't need to be lectured about the health benefits of smoking cessation. But did you know that cutting out an expensive smoking habit could give you enough money to pay for your kid's first car? And it would be a nice car! Curious how much you could save? Have a look at the cost of cigarettes in every state.
  • Sleeeeeeep. Making smart food choices before bed is a huge factor in how well you sleep. It's proven that good sleep leads to better decision making. Your bank account will thank you for skipping that second glass of wine and hitting the hay on time.

Remember that hilarious scene in What About Bob? The good doctor emphasized baby steps. It not only made for great entertainment and classic one-liners, the truth of the concept is profound. There are so many ways to improve your health and finances, but the best way is to just start. Baby steps to financial fitness.