Coosa Valley in the Classroom: Financial Literacy for Local Schools

Coosa Valley in the Classroom: Financial Literacy for Local Schools

According to experts, children as young as 5 years old should start learning basic financial literacy. Coosa Valley Credit Union is excited to contribute to local children's financial knowledge through our Coosa Valley in the Classroom financial literacy program. Geared to elementary, middle school and high school students, the program is designed to foster financial responsibility and a better quality of life.

An Overview of the Program

Coosa Valley in the Classroom was designed to enhance children's financial knowledge in a variety of ways. We offer short, concrete sessions for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Kids can explore relevant topics like budgeting, saving and money management. Learning takes place from a trained credit union staff member.

How Coosa Valley in the Classroom Works

Our financial literacy lessons are exclusively designed by Coosa Valley Credit Union. Each is connected to the Georgia Department of Education's Performance Standards for a particular grade level. Currently, Coosa Valley employees generally teach one of these lessons at least once or twice a week at an area school.

Sneak Peek at the Lessons We Offer

Coosa in the Classroom provides a variety of lessons to engage students at all levels. "Earning and Saving Money" is an interactive program designed like a game show. It teaches students in first through third grade about how to earn and save money.

"Budgeting & Spending," a program designed for students in sixth through eighth grade, teaches students about budgeting and managing interest-accruing savings accounts. "Personal Finance 101" teaches high school students in ninth through 12th grade about opening checking accounts, managing their expenses and using credit.

Teaching Financial Literacy at Home

While we are excited about teaching children and teens about financial topics, we know that their best and most consistent teachers are their parents. If you want your child to be prepared to manage money as an adult, we have a specially designed Coosa Valley Kids Savings Account, which is education-based and offers rewards and incentives for saving. These savings accounts give children an opportunity to see how their money can grow, both through their own contributions and with dividends.

How Teachers Can Get Involved

Local teachers can learn more and schedule sessions with us using a few different methods. You can contact our marketing department at (706) 235-8551 or via email at If you'd prefer, print the brochure, fill it out and mail it to Coosa Valley Credit Union.

If you are on social media, you can get in touch at Teachers can visit our learning center for more information. Helping to boost children's money management skills is no small task. Coosa Valley Credit Union is happy to give back to the community in this fun and important way.