Calculators Make Your Life Easier

Calculators Make Your Life Easier

Are you familiar with all the useful information you can find on the Coosa Valley website? It’s beautiful – I know.

But, I’m not here to talk about how it looks. Here’s what I want you to do:

At the top of this page, move your mouse right across the blue menu bar until you see the button titled ‘Services’. The last drop-down menu item is ‘Calculators’. Click this: it’s gold.

The first calculator is for those of us looking to purchase a new car, or maybe refinance a current car loan. Entitled Auto Loan Payments, it will help you determine your car loan payment or find out a purchase price. It even has a graph for the visual peeps.

The third calculator is Dealer Financing vs. Credit Union Financing. When you are looking into buying a car, check here first. You’ll see how just a few interest rate points can make a HUGE difference in your monthly payment! 

Savings Builder is the calculator for those thinking about retirement. I know, your first thought is people 50 and over, but if you have a job, you should be thinking about retirement! Play with this calculator and don’t delay your savings!

Moving right along to the best calculator on the website – Cool Million. Ever wondered what it would take to become a millionaire, find out here!

Last but not least, the Monthly Loan Payment calculator will help you see what your payment would be on a new loan or line of credit. Always good to be prepared – just like the boy scouts.

Also very cool: Below each calculator you’ll find some helpful definitions.