3 Affordable Holiday Traditions Your Whole Family Will Enjoy

3 Affordable Holiday Traditions Your Whole Family Will Enjoy

'Tis the season to make memories with friends and family, but sometimes all that festive fun can be hard on your budget. Thankfully, holiday traditions don't have to be elaborate or expensive in order to be memorable. We've gathered a few of our favorite holiday traditions that are simple, meaningful and affordable. With a bit of planning, your whole family can enjoy them year after year.

1. Family Movie Night

A family movie night doesn't have to involve a trip to the local theater. You can save a bundle by borrowing holiday movies from friends, checking them out from the local library or even find them online via reputable websites.

Create a comfortable living room set-up, cook your favorite snacks and snuggle up to enjoy a holiday movie together. You can watch the same movie every single year or try out new movies each year.

2. Baking

Baking can be great fun for every member of the family. People with plenty of experience (and older children) may want to try complex recipes, while parents with young kids will probably want to stick to simple recipes that only call for a few ingredients. You can enjoy your treats throughout the holiday season and even give some away to neighbors and friends.

Cookies are a traditional holiday favorite, but you can also consider cakes, pies, brownies, a gingerbread house and other treats. To help teach kids the importance of eating right, you can choose recipes featuring healthy ingredients or try a few tweaks to lighten up traditional recipes.

3. Volunteering

Volunteering as a family is one of the most meaningful holiday traditions. Choose a volunteer opportunity that is appropriate for the whole family, and then head out and lend a hand in your local community. Volunteering doesn't cost a cent and helps everyone remember that there is more to the holiday season than eating tasty food and unwrapping presents.

These are just a few of the many affordable holiday traditions that can brighten your holiday season. Other options include decking out your home with DIY decorations, driving around to see the holiday lights in your town or neighborhood, caroling with friends and family members and attending a free or inexpensive holiday event. Choose traditions that are meaningful for the whole family, and don't be afraid to adapt them as kids get older and interests change.

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