Increase Your Savings Budget with These 7 Strategies

Increase Your Savings Budget with These 7 Strategies

When you've done the legwork and created a budget, you want to feel like you're gaining ground on your finances. Don't give up if the amount left in your savings column seems scant. You can add to your current savings budget with these simple strategies.

Put Time on Your side

When a purchase catches your eye, hit pause. Avoid impulse spending by delaying the purchase for a minimum of 24 hours. Evaluate the expense. If you need more help, focus on gratitude. A study from Northeastern University College of Science found that focusing on gratitude reduced impulse response in participants.

Family Movie Night

A trip to the movie theater can be a fright night for your wallet and put a dent in your savings budget. If the weekend means a blockbuster at the movie theater, it's time to rethink entertainment. Take a trip to the library and borrow a free movie instead. Pop some popcorn and have family movie night at home.

Recycle the Coupons

Don't clip coupons. This one sounds counter-intuitive, but clipping coupons can encourage you to buy products you would otherwise pass by. Write down your shopping list first. Only clip coupons for products you already have on the list.

Three of a Kind

Bundle your services like telephone, internet, and television to take advantage of multi-service discounts. If you already have bundled services, ask if they will give you a discount for being a long-time customer. Some companies will reward faithful subscribers with a temporary price reduction to keep their business. Home and auto insurance companies also give multiple-policy discounts.

Clean Sweep

There are many ways to save money around the house. High-efficiency washing machines require a fraction the detergent often used. For general cleaning, skip the commercial cleaners whenever possible. Vinegar is an affordable, safe alternative for many surfaces. Microfiber clothes are an easy money-saver for dusting and polishing.

Feast on the Fly

Prepare a picnic. When the family is heading out for the day, skip the restaurants. Pack your cooler and take your meals and snacks with you. You'll save time and money. The extra bonus? Your family will appreciate healthy dishes they already love.

Pump Up Savings

Buying a more fuel-efficient car may not be in your budget, but the U.S. Department of Energy reminds drivers that car maintenance will reduce vehicle costs. Save on fuel by scheduling regular tune-ups and servicing. Save even more on fuel by combining errands or carpooling.

Adding It All Up

Building a savings budget happens one small change at a time. It's surprising how a series of adjustments add up to make a significant difference. Make those most of your savings by visiting your neighborhood Coosa Valley Credit Union. You'll learn additional ways to maximize your savings.