Wiring Services

When you need to get money somewhere fast, we've got the answer. Wire transfers are a convenient and reliable way to transfer funds from your Coosa Valley account to another financial institution. Send money to a loved one overseas, to close escrow on a home purchase or for any important reason.

Outgoing Wires

You can wire funds worldwide to any financial institution that accepts these type of transfers. Domestic wire transfers are generally processed the same business day. International wire transfers often take just a few days.*

To complete an outgoing wire visit any branch location or contact us at 706-235-8551. To be completed on the same business day, requests must be made in person by 2:00 p.m. EST, Monday - Friday.

Incoming Wires

To receive a wire and have it credited to your Coosa Valley Credit Union account, please give the sender this information:

Send to:

Catalyst Corporate FCU, Plano, TX (1-800-442-5763)

Catalyst Corporate FCU's Routing and transit/ABA number: 311990511

For further credit to Coosa Valley Credit Union Account # 261171383

For further credit to member Account # (checking or savings only)

Think Before You Wire

Although wire transfers are fast and convenient, they're also irreversible. Once the money is received by the receiving party, you can't cancel the transaction.

For current wiring fees, please check the latest savings rate and fee schedule. If you have any questions about sending or receiving wires, please call us at 706-235-8551 or visit your nearest branch.

Some wire transfer requests must be made in person at a branch location. *International transactions can take up to 14 days to complete.