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More people are opting to rent instead of buy these days, and landlords are cashing in on smart, reliable, passive income. Whether you're one of those landlords or a business owner who needs space for new or growing business, you've come to the right place. We're experts in commercial real estate deals, delivering several financing options to investors ready to start or expand a winning portfolio.

Commercial Real Estate Loan

Your business needs space. You've outgrown your home office or you dismiss the thought of even trying to work there. You need a storefront or office space-and soon. If that's you, your operation may benefit from a traditional commercial real estate loan. Phone us today, and we'll get you on your way, starting with an easy loan application.

Real Estate Investment Line of Credit

Are you eyeballing another piece of property? Tap into the potential you already own by accessing your current property's equity. This will let you put down a cash sum for the new place (giving you significant negotiating power), renovate a dump into a desirable, turn-key rental, or answer current renters' complaints by replacing and fixing common headaches.

Real Estate Investment Purchase Loan

Simple. Straight-forward. Quick. The real estate investment purchase loan is exactly what it sounds like-no surprises and no loopholes to navigate. Coosa Valley Credit Union's real estate investment purchase loan option boosts your cash-on-cash return and expands your portfolio so you can get back to searching out and closing deals.

Real Estate Investment Refinance Loan

Many real estate investors get into deals where their cash is not flowing the way they wanted to. Before jumping into another property deal, look at your current loans and consider refinancing with our real estate investment refinance team. Refinancing can put more money in your account each month so you can focus on growing your portfolio–not putting out fires.

Commercial Land Loans

Smart investors can look at a piece of property and envision potential where others see nothing. If that's you, a commercial land loan may be the tool you need to turn a dream into action. To get started, simply complete our online business loan inquiry form, and we'll be in touch.

Mark Twain famously said, "Buy land; they're not making it anymore." Known for his dry wit, he made a clear point here. There's something unique about getting in on real estate as opposed to industries and markets where nothing is certain. It would be our privilege to start or continue the real estate journey with you, so call or visit us today.