We're Watching Your Back

It’s a big bad world out there. I realize this every time I do these things:

  • Read the news
  • Drive in Atlanta
  • Eat too much dessert and see the number on the scale go up. Dang it.

We realize that the world can be a tough nut to crack, which is exactly why Coosa Valley Credit Union has fraud alert service for your debit card. The best part is that you don’t have to do anything. If you have a debit card at CVCU (and you use it), your card transactions are being continually monitored for unusual and suspicious activity. If something looks funny, our fraud alert service will give you a call to verify that funny little transaction to make sure that no bad guys have compromised your card. Sometimes a live person will call you. Sometimes an automated message will call you. And, if your phone number is text-able, you will receive a text message. Either way, the fraud alert service will verify your identity before discussing anything about your strange/mysterious/unusual/funky transaction. Caveat: our fraud alert service can’t call you to verify those funny transactions if we do not have an up-to-date phone number on file for you. So, please make sure you always let us know when your phone number changes!

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