Start Small to Grow Big Savings

Start Small to Grow Big Savings

Okay, so you’ve decided it’s time to start saving a little money. Where do you start? Is it time to chop entire categories from your budget?

No! A good way to start anything is to start small. So let’s see what it looks like to start saving money in small ways that will eventually add up.

Take away one thing per week. Big Starbucks fan? Take away one coffee per week. Like to eat out? Pack your lunch one day every week. You may find that it helps so much you can start doing it two or three times per week.

Start using your library. Stop by the library for a movie on Friday night instead of the movie box or renting on demand.

Make a grocery list before you head to the store and stick to it. This will keep your mind on track and hopefully away from extras. Better yet, use your grocery store’s online shopping, if they offer it. Wal-Mart and Kroger both offer options where you can fill your cart online, and drop by and pick it up. This definitely helps eliminate impulse purchases.

Refinance your car loans. You will find that saving a few percentage points can save hundreds over the life of the loan. It’s really a much faster and easier process than you might think. And obviously check out the credit union first since our rates are so low right now!

Turn down the temperature on your water heater. You will never know the difference, but it will save you money.

Set up automatic savings with your direct deposit. You can set up your direct deposit so that a small amount goes straight into your savings account. You never have to think about it and you’ll be saving more!

These are just a few small ways to start for big savings over time. Once you have the hang of the small ones, you will feel more confident in tackling larger items.