Spook It Yourself: 8 Creative, Free Halloween Costumes to DIY This Year

Spook It Yourself: 8 Creative, Free Halloween Costumes to DIY This Year

Household spending around Halloween can get downright scary. Think pumpkins, home decor, candy, and costumes. Plus, you've likely just tapped the account for back-to-school gear and warm clothing. So when the kids start brainstorming the characters they'd like to become in October, have a few creative, homemade, free Halloween costumes for them to consider. Here are 8 DIY costume ideas to engage, spook, and delight your kids all at once.

  • #1 Cotton Candy. Bunch up a lot - a lot - of tulle left over from other holiday decorations (pink from Valentine's Day, green from St. Patty's, blue from a boy's recent birthday, and more). Use fishing line to arrange it into fluff, and safety pin it to your child's clothing. Tie a string through 2 holes in the end of a paper towel tube to fashion a "cotton candy stick" that sits vertically atop her head. Use the rest of the string to tie under her chin, holding the stick fast throughout an evening of trick-or-treating.
  • #2 Leopard. Does your child have a yellow shirt? Pants? If there's a graphic or text visible, turn the items inside-out for a blank canvas. Then, cut circular spots out of construction paper or black electrical tape and stick them onto your little wild animal. Have her practice her snarl before heading to the costume parade 
  • #3 Cow, #4 Zebra, or #5 Dalmatian. Take the above concept of using electrical sticky tape shapes to craft another well-known character, like a cow (white with black varying shapes), zebra (stripes), or Dalmatian (small black dots, a leash, and a painted black nose).
  • #6 Scuba Diver. Fashion your own scuba gear for kids or grownups alike by rinsing out and de-labeling a pair of two liter bottles. Next, paint and hot glue them together. Then, dab a little hot glue to the ends of 2 lengths of clear tubing, each about 2' long, and then thread the tubes through the bottleneck to rest inside the bottles. Once dry, attach the other end of each tube to the exterior bottom of each bottle - this serves as both arm straps and mock oxygen supply. Complete the look with a DIY wet suit: black leggings, black long-sleeved shirts, and black gloves. Add safety glasses from your basement or garage that, when paired with the scuba gear, duplicate underwater goggles.
  • #7 Your child's hero. If your child is in sports, he likely has ample gear for the best free Halloween costumes. Put those supplies to use by transforming the little athlete into his favorite player. For example, an aspiring shortstop all star may become Derek Jeter, also heroic for being named one of the most philanthropic athletes of all time, according to the University of Florida. For Halloween, gear up with your little slugger's game uniform, a bat, glove and big chew. This idea can easily be applied to most kids' activities. Whether your child is an aspiring ballerina or future scientist, there are famous heroes out there she can become for Halloween on the cheap.
  • #8 Rain shower. In an ironic twist, transform a simple umbrella (whose job it usually is to keep you dry) into a walking, talking rain storm. Here's how. Partially separate a few bags of cotton balls and glue them to the exterior of an open umbrella to form a surprisingly believable cloud. Then, use fishing line to hang rain drops cut from blue construction paper. Simply tie the lines to the inner spokes of the open umbrella. If you're feeling particularly creative, thread a few ping-pong balls to add in, representing hail. Use baby oil to "wet" your child's hair - no need to reapply water throughout the evening since the oil does the job.

Don't tap your savings account for this year's Halloween costumes. Instead, tap your creativity. Not only will you impress your friends, you'll also honor your budget.

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