Showing Thankfulness

Showing Thankfulness

November brings out everyone's thankful side, whether they are posting daily "I'm thankful for…" Facebook statuses or just getting ready for Thanksgiving. If you're tired of the thankful posts but want to do something to keep being thankful top of mind, here is a list of some very clever and unique ideas that you can incorporate into your family traditions for many years to come.

1. Gratitude Jar. This fun idea is a very easy DIY project that takes seconds to set up. All you need is a jar and a way to attach the free printables and you're set! You and your family can answer the questions each day and read them aloud on Thanksgiving for a fun new tradition. You can even keep it out year round to have a year's worth of gratitude to read about for Thanksgiving 2020. For a different take on this activity, check out this Thanksgiving Countdown Jar.

2. Acts of Kindness Banner. This banner is a DIY project that might take a little time to put together but will be so worth it in the end. It gives your family a random act of kindness to complete each day leading up to Thanksgiving, cultivating a wonderful attitude of gratitude during this most thankful of seasons. If making the banner seems too daunting or you just aren't big on DIY projects, you can easily just print out the acts of kindness to complete. The most important thing is showing others that you care!

4. Thankful Tree. This tree is very similar to the Gratitude Jar (above), but with a fun twist. All you need to do is find some sticks in your yard and put them in an urn or pot, using stones to hold them in place. You can use the printable thankful cards found in the link or here and hang them from the branches. You could designate a time each day for everyone in the family to write what they're thankful for, or just add to the tree when the mood strikes. Either way, it's a fun way to remind yourself to be thankful for both the little and big things in life.

5. Thankfulness Placemats. This really couldn't be any easier. Put down butcher paper over your tablecloth and, with a Sharpie, write at each place setting, "I am thankful for…" or some variation of that, with room for guests to leave a response. This is a great reminder to guests as they eat their delicious meal what the day is truly about. It is also very inexpensive and cuts down on what you have to have out as decorations on the table, so bonus points! Guests can read aloud what they wrote as everyone enjoys coffee and pumpkin pie.

Maybe some of these ideas can one day become traditions in your home. Have a very happy Thanksgiving!