How-To: Save Money When Traveling

How-To: Save Money When Traveling

As Fall Break and the holidays come upon us, there's no question that many families will be traveling. Whether it's to the beach, the mountains, or even over the river and through the woods to visit family, travel can get pricey. When you want to hit the road but aren't sure how to do it within your budget, follow these easy tips to save money on your next trip or vacation.

Book Hotel Accommodations Wisely
When booking lodging accommodations, use all the resources available to you! Such as:
- Hotel loyalty programs
- Any discounts (military, senior, etc.)
- Active discount codes

You could even try renting a space through sites such as Airbnb. You might find better rates through rentals than hotels, but always price shop before booking!

Pack Like You Mean It
There's nothing worse than having to spend money on items you left at home. To make sure you don't forget a thing, make a thorough packing list! From socks, to toothpaste, include everything on the list!
Flying? It's better to pack lighter. Follow the same packing list approach, but try to fit all necessary belongings in one carry-on sized bag per person. This helps you to avoid bag checking fees, and the inconvenience of keeping up with multiple bags!

Plan Meals and Bring Snacks Along
Whether you're a big snacker, or already have some items in the pantry, pack the nonperishable food items you want and already have! This eliminates buying items you already have, and the potential for bringing home unopened foods you don't need, like chips.
Also, meal prep before your travels! Have set meals and a grocery list ready for when you reach your final destination. You can even pick a night or two for splurging at restaurants.

Look For Deals and Discounts
Looking to drop by fun locations, such as aquariums or mini golf? Do a quick internet search! You might find digital coupons, discount codes, or promos to save you and your family some extra dough.

No matter where you go or when, we hope you have safe travels and make wonderful memories - and even smarter spending!