6 Ways to Save Money During the Dog Days of Summer

6 Ways to Save Money During the Dog Days of Summer

We've officially reached the hottest days of the season, which are loved by some and loathed by others. While the sunshine and blue skies are sure to brighten anyone's day, the heat that comes with it is an entirely different story.

If you're looking for ways to save money on that AC bill this summer, we've got you covered. Here's our 6 tips for staying cool, without breaking the bank - or your AC unit.

- Crack Your Windows at Bedtime
When the sun goes down, your windows can go up! Before you head to bed, crack your windows to let the natural, cool air in while your family sleeps. Just make sure to close them back each morning before the warm air starts to pour in.

- Blinds and Curtains Are Your Friends
No sun? No problem! Similar to your windows, close any curtains or blinds to assist in reflecting the sun's heat and light away from the inside of your home. Do this during the brightest and warmest parts of the day.

- Go Find Those Leaks
From windows to doors, you might be letting hot air into your home without knowing. Inspect each of your windows and doorways leading to and from the outside to see if there are any cracks. If so, caulk them right up to seal in your cooler air.

- Use Fans the Right Way
Did you know: fans don't actually change the temperature inside a room. Instead, they simply circulate the air to make you feel cooler. Feel free to use a fan when you're staying within one room. However, when you're moving onto the next, turn that fan off to avoid wasting energy!

- Don't Add More Heat to Your Home
If you don't need it, turn it off! This includes overhead lights, lamps, and TVs. In addition, avoid using your dryer and oven, if you can. Consider line-drying your clothes and grilling outside - where it's already hot! All of these things will keep from generating additional heat indoors.

- Turn Your Yard Into an Oasis
Whether you have a pool, a sprinkler, or just a hose, make the most of what you've got and make memories in the process. Turn your backyard into your very own water park. Wanting to avoid the cleanup? Consider heading to a local lake or river instead!

No matter how you spend your summer, we hope these tips will help to make it one of the coolest summers yet.
P.S. - don't forget the ice cream!