How-To: Our New Self-Service Kiosks

How-To: Our New Self-Service Kiosks

In today's world, it seems we are all busier than ever. Which is why modern technologies and convenience are of the utmost importance to us all. This holds true in regards to banking, too. That is why all of us at Coosa Valley Credit Union are continuously working to provide a better banking experience for our members, from new services, technologies, and continued growth. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our services lineup: the Self-Service Kiosk.

Currently housed at our Main Branch location in Rome, the Self-Service kiosk is a quick, convenient alternative to Online Banking via desktop, an ATM, or even speaking with a Member Service Specialist. These kiosks allow members to complete the following:

  • Fast Cash

  • Deposit

  • Withdrawal

  • Transfer

  • View Accounts

  • Loan Payment

  • Loan Advance

Members are able to access the Kiosk by either:
A. Inserting their Coosa Valley Credit Union Debit Card into the machine, or
B. Scanning the barcode on the back of their driver's license.
Members will also be prompted to enter the 9-digit Social Security Number in order to verify their identity. From there, access is granted and transactions may be made. For each action taken with the Kiosk, members are able to request a printed or emailed receipt, or forego a receipt altogether. Additionally, account balances are hidden unless the member selects to display them in order to keep their accounts secure.
Please note: there is a $2,500 limit when using the kiosk.

Fast Cash
Members will have the option to withdraw cash from any of their accounts in increments of $20, or through certain bill amounts. This is a huge advantage to using the Kiosks, allowing members to make withdrawals of $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, and even $100 bills.

Using the Kiosk, members are able to insert cash, coins, and even checks.

As with Fast Cash, members may withdraw the certain bill amount, and quantity, they need.

Transfer funds easily between your accounts in just a few taps. Just enter the amount.

View Accounts
This feature allows members to easily view account history for each of their accounts. This includes transactions, transfers, and amounts.

Loan Payment & Advance
Members possessing active loans with Coosa Valley Credit Union will be able to access and use these features.

The next time you stop by 1307 Redmond Road, give the Self-Service Kiosks a try! We hope this new service will assist in providing our members a better banking experience… the Coosa Valley way.