How-To: Mobile Bank Like a Pro

How-To: Mobile Bank Like a Pro

Smartphone? Check. Coosa Valley Credit Union membership? Check. Coosa Valley Credit Union Mobile App? Check! When you combine all of these ingredients together, you're able to stay on top of your finances 24/7 through mobile banking. Mobile banking specifically allows you to check balances, transfer money, pay bills, and more - right from your smartphone or smart device. It's smart, convenient, and safe - should you use it safely. It's important to note that keeping you, your personal information, and your finances safe takes just a few basic precautions.

Keep reading to learn 4 tips that will help you to safely mobile bank like a pro.

1. Only use your own mobile device(s) for mobile banking.
Set a strong password and keep it private, or set up recognition services to unlock your account such as Fingertip or Face ID.

A strong password typically adheres to the following:
- 8+ characters
- Capital and lowercase
- Numbers
- Symbols (! ? @ # etc)

2. Never provide personal or banking-related information over the phone.
The only exception being that you initiated the conversation so that you know for certain you're speaking with a team member from your financial institution.

3. Never share password, account number, pin, or answers to your security questions.
Pro Tip: Don't store this information anywhere in your phone, such as the Notes app. Should your device be stolen or compromised, that information can easily be found and used to access your account.

4. Should you lose your phone, let your financial institution and mobile provider know immediately.
Most people don't think to inform their bank, but this allows them to know you're not the one making any potential transactions from that point forward.

You're now ready to go out there and mobile bank safely! If you don't have the CVCU Mobile App and this has inspired you to start mobile banking, you can download the CVCU application through the Apple App Store and/or the Google Play Store.

Happy banking!