Jump Start Your Savings - Two Quick Tips

Are you a natural saver? Some people are. Some people are great at thinking twice before buying anything, large or small. Most people, though, struggle with saving. Credit card debt is how some people get by and saving money is most likely an afterthought for the average family. But, we all know we SHOULD be saving, so how do we get started. Here are a couple of saving strategies to help get a jump on saving.

1. Set up automatic withdrawals to a savings account. This is the best tip I know of for saving - make it automatic. You can set up your accounts so that each time a paycheck is direct deposited, a certain percentage is automatically withdrawn and deposited to a savings account. The trick it to forget the money exists and live on only what's in your checking account. You'll be saving for your future in no time.

2. Budget. This is a step that most people skip over because it seems too difficult. But it's worth it. If you aren't a natural budget-er, get a little help from a software like Quicken or a free website like mint.com. Having a budget will help you see where you spend too much and it will be easier to see where you can cut back, making room for saving.

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