Fun and Affordable Holiday Traditions

Fun and Affordable Holiday Traditions

Are you looking for fun, affordable things to do with your family during the holidays? We can't always buy everything on our children's wish lists or perfectly execute all the beautiful holiday crafts we see on Pinterest, but here are a few fun ideas for you to try with your family this holiday season without going bankrupt.

Local Book Readings
Check with local bookstores to see if they are having any story time parties. Many bookstores will have someone read holiday classics to the children, like The Polar Express and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Free hot chocolate and cookies are often a nice addition to the party! If there aren't any story time parties happening, you could always have your own! Invite all the neighborhood kids or just do it with your own children. Read a fun holiday book in a big, booming voice and offer small cups of hot chocolate. For even more fun, make sure everyone wears their pajamas if you read The Polar Express!

Family Polar Express
It can be lots of fun to create your very own Polar Express experience. Create train tickets for your children (use this free printable!) and hide them under their pillows. When bedtime rolls around, tuck your children in as if it's a regular evening. This would be a great time to make some delicious Polar Express hot chocolate. When you know for certain the children are asleep, rush in and wake them up, exclaiming that the Polar Express has arrived! Have them find their tickets, drink some hot chocolate (drink it beforehand or pour into travel mugs if you want to take it with you) and drive around the neighborhood or town and look at all the colorful lights!

Holiday Movie Night
Most of us are familiar with Freeform ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas, so it makes it pretty easy to sit down each night in December and watch fun holiday movies and cartoons. To add to the fun, get your children involved in the kitchen and create a snack based on what you'll be watching that evening! Again, we can't all make Pinterest-worthy creations, but you can always make sugar cookies or decorate a gingerbread house!

No matter what you do, just spending time with loved ones makes the holiday season that much brighter.