4 Ways Your Teen Can Bring In Extra Dough

4 Ways Your Teen Can Bring In Extra Dough

One of the most repeated questions you'll hear as kids grow older is "can I have some money?" If this question is ringing in your ears, you might find yourself desperate for your youngsters to find ways to earn extra money for themselves.

Ready to start brainstorming money-generating ideas for your teens? Here's 4 ways for your teenager to make a few bucks - or more!

A true classic, babysitting can teach your teen empathy and compassionate leadership. Not to mention real-world skills… like diaper changing!

Lawn Mowing
You may be pleasantly surprised at how lucrative a summer of lawn mowing can be for your child. Everyone is busy nowadays, and lawn care is just one extra thing on their to-do list. There's definitely a need for this gig! Your kiddo will learn valuable marketing skills through promoting their services, as well as time management and responsibility.

From grandparents, to neighbors, to your own home, who wouldn't love a day off from tedious cleaning? Have your child dust, vacuum, wash dishes, and fold laundry for a few extra bucks. This will also set them up to be organized and clean when living on their own.

Does your child excel in a certain subject area? Whether it's math, music, or a certain language, their brain can bring in some dough! Besides, students are much more motivated to please a compassionate peer than a frustrated adult.

The possibilities for your teen to earn extra money are endless. Encourage your child to find reward and purpose in whatever job they choose to do!