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CVCU offers E-Bill pay services through Online Banking. This service allows you to store account information for bills you pay regularly. Schedule payments individually or set them up on a recurring schedule - it's up to you!

There are three types of E-Bill pay payments you can set up:

  1. Pay an Individual
  2. Pay an Institution (credit card company, other financial institution)
  3. Pay a company (utility, cable, garbage pickup)

Payments can be made electronically or through paper check.

E-Bill Pay FAQs

Q: Are there payment limits?
A: Yes. When paying an individual, there is a $2,200 limit per day and $1,100 limit per payment. When paying an institution or company, the limit is $9,999

Q: What information will I need to set up a payment?
A: When paying a company or institution, you will need the name, account number, phone number and zip code for the institution/company you wish to pay.

When paying an individual, there are three options, all requiring different information.

Option 1: Send money by Email or Text Message.
In this case, the recipient will provide their account information through a secure process, and you will only need their email address or phone number to receive a text message.

Option 2: Send money by direct deposit.
In this case, you will need the recipient's account information.

Option 3: Send money by check.
In this case, you will need the recipient's name and address.

Q: Is there a daily cutoff time to schedule new E-Bill pay payments or make changes to existing scheduled payments?
A: Yes, the daily cutoff time is 3:00 P.M. eastern each day. Any new payments scheduled after this time will be sent with the following day's date. No changes can be made to existing scheduled payments after this time.

Q: Am I able to request stop payments on E-Bill Pay checks?
A: Yes, stop payments may be requested for E-Bill Pay checks. Please note, this is NOT available for E-Bill payments which are sent electronically. Members can complete stop payment requests for any checks (whether sent through E-Bill pay or written out of a regular checkbook) online or in one of our branch locations.

To complete the request online, login to Online Banking, then choose:
1. Stop Payment
2. New
3. Enter check number
4. Enter the payee name
5. Click submit